Conclusion and outlook

To plan your project with a focus on impact orientation makes the world a better place. At least for your target groups.

We are aware of the fact that impact orientation comes at at the price of work and effort, but it also promises several benefits.

Your attitude is key: To work with a focus on impact orientation means to start a project with consequences far beyond mere voluntary engagement. It involves maintaining a specific view of your project work from the outset: you plan, you collect, you analyze, you anchor your approach within a context and learn from your results.

Your work toward a good cause promotes maximum impact if you see this as an investment:

  • What do we want to work for?
  • Who are our target groups?
  • What resources do we have at hand? How will we measure success?
  • What have we done so far? What can we learn from our past efforts?

If you can answer these questions, you have laid the groundwork for impact-oriented and credible project work! Congratulations!

Organizations that implement learning cultures and work with a focus on impact orientation will find that this directly contributes to motivation among employees and project partners. This effect cannot be emphasized enough, because we know that intrinsic motivation creates more energy!

However, impact orientation should not be implemented as a result of a top-down decision. It is important to involve all employees from the outset of the project and throughout its duration. Only then will those involved see themselves to be part of the whole project.

It is not always easy to juggle the interests of diverse stakeholders. Nevertheless, this is a decisive factor for impact-oriented work. Only those who know about the needs and expectations of their stakeholders can really address these needs in their operations.

Of course, the tips, recommendations and working aids on this website do not guarantee that you will see success at all levels. They do, however, serve to guide you in targeting successful and effective project work.