The (never-ending) impact cycle

The impact cycle illustrates how each individual element is related to one another.

The Impact Cycle visualizes the ongoing procedure of fittting needs, offerings and needs fullfillment

The impact cycle starts on the left and is read counter-clockwise.

  • The societal challenges (top left in figure) and the needs of the target group derived from them are used to define the project objectives and a project approach. Of course, this process also takes account of the organization’s vision.
  • In order to be able to achieve the project objectives, certain inputs must be available.
  • From these inputs outputs are generated.
  • If the outputs are used by the target group, outcomes are near at hand.
  • In the next step, the outcomes can contribute to an impact.
  • These newly changed societal conditions give rise to new needs and new objectives.

In short: The cycle starts again and again and is an ongoing task ...