Test (IV): What social impact does and does not involve

Test: Step-by-step to more effect!

The following statements indicate different levels of effect. Your task is to assign each statement to the correct step in the result staircase. You can drag and drop statements by left-clicking on a specific statement and then dragging it to the appropriate level where you can then drop it.

  • Application training is carried out
  • Youths take part in the application training
  • Youths are satisfied with the training and the support
  • Youths know how to write appealing applications
  • Youths create their application on their own
  • Youths find a training position
  • Youth unemployment in the urban district is declining


Congratulations! You did well!

You want more? Then further demonstrate your understanding of the result staircase in the following test!


Test: Output, Outcome – where's the difference?

Which of the following statements refer to an output or outcome in the results staircase?

In describing her project, Susan Banks says:


Our organization supports people of all ages with visual impairments(a). We offer special courses for such the visually impaired to help them get along better in their daily routines (b).

We find that participants are more involved in everyday life after having completed our courses as they learn how to deal better with their surroundings (c). Since 1997, more than 2,500 people have attended our courses (d).

Thanks to surveys conducted regularly, we have found that most participants acquire basic skills through our course and are able to employ different techniques in their daily life (e).


Your result: