Project objectives: What exactly do you want to change?


  • Why activities and results are not the same thing.
  • That there are various kinds of project objectives.
  • How to develop and formulate project objectives.
  • How to use the objectives to derive the appropriate project approach.

Where is your journey bound? What do you want to achieve, especially for the target groups? And above all: How do you decide that your work has been successful? How do you determine what concrete results have been achieved within the target groups?

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To be able to answer these questions, you must first develop your impact-oriented Project objectiveA project’s intended results, which contribute to improving physical, financial, institutional, social, environmental or other conditions for people, groups, organizations or elements of the broader society. project objectives. For this purpose, you’ll use the information you obtained in the needs assessment and context analysis.

Next, you’ll consider how you might achieve these project objectives, and what resources you’ll need to do so.

The project objectives and the path toward their achievement together form your project’s Logic modelA tool to develop and describe how an intervention (e.g., a project or program) is understood to contribute to the (intended) results. Other approaches and terms are theory of change, results framework, logical framework (logframe), results chains or program theory. logic model. The logic model illustrates the way the project functions, along with the sequence of individual steps you’ll follow.