About this website

The idea

The idea to design this website was born a couple of years a ago. We thought: Let's translate the bulky and technocratic topic "impact orientation" into something nonprofits can work with in their daily project routines. We wanted to find answers to the following questions:

  • What does impact-oriented work for nonprofits mean?     

  • In which situations and settings is an impact-oriented approach helpful (or even needed=?

  • What is a pragmatic and still qualitative approach to anchor impact orientation in nonprofits?

Inspired by these questions, we started to dig for answers.

Who is hiding behind the "we"?

"We" means PHINEO. PHINEO is a nonprofit analysis and consulting company for impact-oriented social engagement.

What do we want to achieve?

On the one hand, we analyze the nonprofit sector: which organizations are engaged in which thematic fields? And how succesful do they operate?

At the same time, we advise social investors – foundations, companies, the public sector or wealthy individuals – how they can make a meaningful contribution to society.

And ideally, we bring both sides together.

The knowledge that we gain via our research is consolidated in reports on a specific topic. Further, we share our knowledge in handouts, via workshops and webinars etc. – and, of course, on this website (which is also available in German: www.wirkung-lernen.de). Thanks to the support of partners, we are able to provide our know-how for free.

Yet, we also deal with a lot of other topics. Curious? We invite you to visit the PHINEO website. There we give more information about PHINEO and about our current activities. Else, we invite you to contact us with your questions about our doing anytime!

Bettina Kurz
My name is Bettina Kurz. You have comments or questions – feel free to write me an email, redaktion@phineo.org.